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Receptors and Satellite Dish’s
The "Receptor Series" started by using discarded satellite TV dishes as substrates for the artworks, they become mandalas of a modern age. How is it that we receive information? It is a human experience as well as a technical one. We use our senses to process the information but is has to come from somewhere first.
The Satellite itself represents a need for communication and entertainment. As humans we have a deep desire to be tied into community with its programming whether it is News, Documentaries, Dramas, Movies or Game Shows. Our loneliness is alleviated however so briefly by our dependance on digital reception.
These dishes are found in the trash in my neighborhood regularly thrown out. They either become obsolete and new technology is needed or a new Television service is purchased, and the old Satellite dish is discarded. Some buildings have a multitude of dishes on the outside. One for each apartment with out a care for sustainability or aesthetic.
In the receptor series I also explore forms of human body that receive sensory information. The pieces are not always constructed on found Satellite Dishes but both are whimsical interludes. Abstract concepts are employed such as being, knowing, substance, identity, time, and space as well as memory and tableau. What resonates with me in many of the assemblages is a nod to the feminine experience and how a body part like the female breast can be a receptor as much as the human eye. In fact the ambiguity of imagery is often at play in these assemblages; is it an eye, is it a breast, is it an organ or is it an ear.

Age of Innocence
Mixed Media, Assemblage
24" x 16" x 14"
assemblage, surreal art, discarded satellite dish, sculpture, sensory imagery, eyeball art,
Mixed media assemblage: paper plaster, feather, silicone tongue, felt, acrylic paint on discarded satellite dish
22" x 20" x 14"
Hairy eyeball door-stop
mixed media; acrylic paint, paper clay, eye lashes, embroidery thread and door-stops on satellite dish
Hairy eye-ball = detail
acrylic paint, eye-lashes, eraser tip on paper clay.
mixed media assemblage
My Golden Heart
Satellite disc, oil paint and gold necklace